Tutor Feedback and Re-Submission

With my tutor feedback, the overall feeling from my tutor was to redo some of the photos and go out with Cloudbase Images when they were working not just completing a test flight.

The images I choose to keep were the following:SONY DSC
















I decided to keep the above images as they were the stronger images from my first submission. These images came across better than the other shots as they have simple backgrounds, the subjects are looking directly at the camera, all three have clear meaning and as my tutor said they show the kind of friendly faces that the viewer/potential customer would be working with thus making them easy to identify with.

I then went out with the crew whilst they were taking some images for a couple, of the improvements that were being done to their home. During my time with the crew I took many photos and using a contact sheet, I selected the final images shown here


I choose this shot as it clearly shows the crew flying the aircraft. Both the crew and the aircraft are in shot and there are direct eye lines. The only downsides to these images are that the available space is quite tight and there is a lot of shadow from the property walls.


This image was more “off the cuff” and was taken from the camera on board the aircraft while the crew member was carrying out the pre-flight checks. With all images taken with the aircraft’s camera, there is a fish eye effect. In this image I choose to keep it as the crew member has not been distorted and it with the effect it sets it apart from the other images. I found that the wall and tarmac are a little distracting and in hindsight it would have worked better if the camera had but tilted up slightly. In post-production, I also cropped the image slightly to remove some of the tarmac from the bottom of the image.


This image also shows the aircraft’s perspective and follows on from the earlier images as it allows the viewer to see the equipment from the crew’s perspective as well. With hindsight, I feel that the image would have been slightly better if the aircraft was flying as it would have made for a more interesting shot for the viewer. I also find the shadows a little distracting.


This image was also taken with the aircraft’s camera. It allows the viewer to see how the crew work while the aircraft is in flight. With this image, I like the angle of the camera as it is flattering to both of the subjects, however the bright sunlight coming in from the right hand side is a little bright and has created some shadows on the left side of their faces.


The above image was taken using a telephoto lens so I could take a photo of the crew with the aircraft flying in front of them from a safe distance. In post-production, I had to crop the image quite tightly to remove distractions such as a bin on the right hand side and some bushes to the left. I also tried to highlight the aircraft so it was more visible against the trees in the background.


The last image I have chosen is also I shot from the aircraft’s camera showing the end product. I chose to place this image last as the rest of the images show the build up to this point. I found that there were a lot of distractions within this image however these could not have been removed for the sake of the photo as it is clearly a construction/building area.

In addition to the specific considerations of each image explained above and with regard to the tutor feedback; thoughout the shoot, I had to consider:

  • Distractions which affected the positions I had to shoot from in order not to infringe the safety cordon.
  • The position of the sun which meant the crew didn’t need to wear protective eye wear or “sunglasses” which therefore improved the viewers experience.
  • Opportunities to use my telephoto lens which allowed me to take photos of the crew and the aircraft in flight from a safe distance, thus allowing me to turn this limitation into a strength.
  • Opportunities to experiment with depth of field
  • An interesting aerial shot as suggested by my tutor as it helps to fulfil the viewers expectations of an aerial photography company.

An unfortunate consequence of having to reshoot was that the crew were wearing different combinations of clothes. However the ambient light was fortunately very similar and this has gone someway to improving the synergy between the first and second groups of images.

In conclusion, I have realised the importance of proper and in-depth planning prior to a shoot of this nature. In particular, the rules dictated by the operating limitations of the aerial photography tea posed a particular challenge which I had not fully anticipated such as flight times restrictions, health and safety and limiting my proximity to the crew and aircraft while it was in flight. During the reshoot, I was also given the opportunity to select an image from their session and request specific images that I would like to be taken with the aircraft’s camera. By making this request, I was able to frame some images and add antoher level to my existing photos.

Although the crew specified in the brief that they wanted

  • Interesting “behind the scenes” style shots to be used in marketing the business
  • Professional portrait style shots

I could have possibly achieved the results above if I had discussed more details with the crew beforehand and had the opportunity to pick the day I chose to go out with them in order to choose the most interesting location for the shoot.

For the purpose of this assignment, I now appreciate the importance of an aerial photograph from the aircraft’s perspective in order to tie all the previous images together. This gives the viewer the chance to how the crew arrive at the final image.




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I am currently studying towards a BA (Hons) in Photography with OCA and I have 2 children, Evie(4 years old) and Connor(3 years old)
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