Landscapes- Exercise 1.2- Photography in the museum or in the gallery?

For this exercise we had to pick out the key points from Rosalind Krauss’ “Photography’s Discursive Spaces: Landscape/View”

I found this piece quite difficult to read so I have interpreted it as best I can using my knowledge of the subject from my Understanding Visual Culture module (the particular exercise has been added to the end of this exercise)

The piece threw up a number of points and questions
> did O’Sullivan create his piece to be visually or technically pleasing?
> was it first created to be topographical, however now that it has been framed and labelled, they have tried to “legitimise” it into art so it could enter spaces such as museums and galleries?
> is photography science or art? As photographs are such “faithful reproduction of a subject” it is often debated as to whether it can be interpreted as artistic
> “Photographs respond as they are bid” thus meaning that only the creator can decide a photos purpose
> At the time O’Sullivan created his images, photos were not that widely published or revered.
> View vs. Landscape- maybe O’Sullivan referred to his photos as views as he knew that they would not be accepted as landscapes. When looking in the dictionary for definitions of views and landscapes, there is still reference to landscapes being paintings.

Understanding Visual Culture- Part 1- Photography: The new reality | kunsworthphotography’s Blog


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