Landscape- Exercise 4:5-Signifier & Signified

In this exercise, we had to choose an advert and list the signs that we could see within it.

I chose the Yorkshire Tea advert from a few years ago. I wanted to look at an advert that includes a landscape.


Signifier Signified
·        “Yorkshire Tea” & the idea of a “proper brew”- both quintessentially British


·        Britishness- tea being the typical British drink
·        Everything is in place for the viewer (Teapot, tea cup, teabags, milk)


·        Warm, refreshing, comforting
·        Beautiful British landscape. Bright greens, blues and reds


·        “Steam” helps you to imagine yourself holding it, ready to drink

About kunsworthphotography

I am currently studying towards a BA (Hons) in Photography with OCA and I have 2 children, Evie(4 years old) and Connor(3 years old)
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