Landscape- Exercise 4:6- Self Directed Project Proposal

Assignment 5 Proposal

For my fifth assignment, I am going to explore the “edgelands” of Stafford and the landmarks that are found there.

The influences for this have come from Paul Farley and Michael Symmons Roberts book Edgelands- Journeys into England’s Wilderness and Merlin Coverley’s Psychogeography. Both of these books have inspired me to go out and explore places that are usually ignored and hidden to see what beauty lies beneath.

I have chosen to complete my assignment in and around my home town of Stafford as being quite a large town; it has a wide ranging outskirt which boasts hotels, industrial estates, development sites etc to explore. I also chose this area due to its convenience, most of the areas I wish to explore are only around 10 minute’s drive from my home which means I can spend more time exploring and photographing them.

As part of my research, I will again be delving into Edgelands- Journeys into England’s Wilderness and Psychogeography. I will also be drawing inspiration from the “Landscape Photographer of the year Volumes 6-9” books. The photographers I will be concentrating on are Alex Currie (Degeneration), Adrian Turner (36 views), Stephen Shore (Uncommon Places) and George Georgiou (Last stop- in particular the use of different viewpoints).

I have begun my work by drawing on a map the outskirts of Stafford in order to give me a clear focus on the areas to investigate. By doing this I can schedule times to go to each area and plan specific photos or parts I would like to photograph so my time can be used as effectively as possible. I hope to complete the project within 8 weeks; this will allow time to revisit some areas and some time to visit the local library for information about Stafford’s “edgelands”.

Due to the nature of my project, as a raw and honest look at my hometown’s “edgelands”, I will be using a range my own equipment so do not need to purchase or hire any further equipment to enhance the images. The only expenses that will be made will be for things such as professional photo printing, printer materials and the occasional parking expense.

While I am completing my project, I will upload my progress onto social media platforms such as Facebook ( and Pinterest ( When I have completed the project, I am planning on transforming the best photos into a journal style photo book which I have seen on Photobox. I feel that this relaxed style of presentation would suit the raw photography style of my project.




About kunsworthphotography

I am currently studying towards a BA (Hons) in Photography with OCA and I have 2 children, Evie(4 years old) and Connor(3 years old)
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